Newro Spine

Spine and Neurosurgery Institute

A hospital specialized in the comprehensive treatment of patients with spinal problems.

85% of the world population has suffered or will suffer from spine-related disorders, making it the third pathology of catastrophic expenditures in medical insurance.


Strategically located in the city of Querétaro, Newro Spine was planned to offer an integral service in the evaluation and treatment of spinal disorders.


Medical Consultation

Schedule a visit with our spine specialists to receive an accurate evaluation, as well as treatment options for your condition.

Online Medical Consultation

We offer online appointments where our specialists can evaluate your case and propose treatment options.


Our facilities are fully equipped and ready for any procedure or treatment prescribed by our specialists.

Imaging Services

Our own imaging area, with state-of-the-art equipment.

Spinal and Neurosurgical Emergencies

Facilities, technology, equipment, and specialized physicians ready to handle emergencies with optimal outcomes.

Research Center

As a result of the work of our institute and the experience of our medical team, several scientific articles have been published and progress has been made in various medical techniques.

Spine specialists

Newro Spine has one of the most competent and experienced teams of spine specialists and neurosurgeons in Latin America. Our specialists have graduated from the most prestigious Mexican and international universities and hospitals.


Additionally, our physicians go through continuous education programs, and they participate and are speakers for the most relevant associations, congresses, and medical institutions in Mexico.

We work with different insurance companies.

Request a list of insurance agreements.
  • 442 256 9100 Ext. 681
  • erika.cruz@newrospine.com.mx

Pioneers in spinal endoscopy

Minimally invasive surgery

We specialize in spinal endoscopy, a technique that allows for a quick and easy recovery. This enables patients to return to their daily activities and to recover their mobility and quality of life in a short period of time.

Dr. Víctor Hugo Malo Camacho

Newro Spine Founder | Chief of Spinal Services | Spinal Specialist and Neurosurgeon

Newro Spine represents not only a personal success story, but a solution for spinal disorders that affect the population. After several years of performing surgeries, I can confidently say I feel proud of what we have accomplished. Our patients’ renewed quality of life fills me with an enormous satisfaction as a physician and as a human being.


My commitment to health remains strong, and together with my medical, administrative, and operational team, I will continue to work to strengthen the range of services offered at this spine hospital.

Why choose Newro Spine?

Spine specialists

Our team of physicians has years of professional experience in the treatment and surgery of spine disorders and in neurosurgery. Our specialists have graduated from the most prestigious Mexican and international universities, hospitals, and institutions.

The only hospital specialized in spine-related issues and treatments.

We are the first and only spinal hospital in Latin America. Our group of physicians is the most experienced in spinal surgery in Mexico, and we offer everything that is necessary to treat spinal disorders.

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    Spine specialists

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